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Selfless Business
In 1949, when Taiwan was actively recovering from the war, three young men, Mr. Ming-Kun Liao, Mr. Shu-Hung Lin, and Mr. Hsin-Yi Cheng, who had just graduated from Taipei Technical College (the predecessor of Taipei University of Technology), decided to start their own business with passion and ideal, and established Changchun Synthetic Resin Factory with a capital of NT$500, planting the first seed for Changchun Enterprise Group. With selfless hearts, the three founders of Changchun worked hard day and night and cooperated with each other continuously for more than 60 years.

Changchun's first product was the production of Bakelite by mixing wood flour with home-made carbolic acid resin, making it the first plastic factory in Taiwan. Three years later, urea molding material was also developed successfully, making Taiwan's thermosetting plastics enter the stage of replacing imported ones.

In 1953, Changchun succeeded in developing another product related to Taiwan's economic development, water-resistant plywood, using urea glue. Its excellent water-resistance function greatly improved the quality of Taiwan-made plywood, creating Taiwan's once world-renowned plywood kingdom and gaining foreign exchange for Taiwan, while Changchun further laid the foundation for its future prosperous development.

In 1964, Changchun Petrochemical Company was established, the second core company of the Changchun Group, to produce methanol from natural gas produced in Miaoli, which was the pioneer of Taiwan's petrochemical industry.

In 1979, Dalian Chemical Company was established to produce vinyl acetate monomer, which is the third core company of the Changchun Group.

Currently, in addition to the three core companies, the Changchun Group has established dozens of related companies. In addition to Taiwan, we also have production bases in China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, etc. We have hundreds of products, including general chemicals, synthetic resins, thermosetting plastics and high-performance engineering plastics, electronic materials, chemicals for semiconductors, etc., which have contributed greatly to the development of industries and the improvement of human life.

Research and Innovation as the Driving Force for Growth
With an ample R&D budget, excellent researchers and advanced research facilities, combined with the expertise accumulated year by year, we have developed hundreds of products and formed a complete vertical and horizontal integrated product chain.

Relying on its own R&D success, Changchun has established itself as one of the leading manufacturers in the world for many products, such as electrolytic copper foil, PBT engineering plastics, polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), 1,4-butanediol (1,4-BDO), VAE latex, epoxy resin, EVOH, propylene glycol, etc. This shows that Changchun's excellent R&D capability is indeed the greatest driving force for the company's continuous growth and development. The company's excellent research and development capability is indeed the greatest motivation for the company's continuous growth.

Integrity and Trust
"Integrity" is the essence of Changchun's business philosophy.

Changchun's commitment to our customers is always to achieve quality, price, and delivery. Changchun regards "providing the best quality, stable price, and long-term supply to customers" as a responsibility, so we can always maintain long-lasting relationships with customers.

It is the basic requirement of Changchun service to deliver the products that meet the quality of customers' needs to customers in a timely and appropriate manner. In 1992, Changchun began to introduce the ISO9000 international quality system, and now ISO quality assurance has become a daily task that every Changchun employee does not need to pay special attention to, and it is a deep-rooted quality awareness.

[Intense transformation management efficiency
Not only the production technology, but also the administrative management of Changchun is devoted to the innovation of management system.

In June 1996, Changchun introduced the Notes system and ERP system as the working platform of the intra-enterprise network to build up a complete intra-enterprise network.

With the experience of implementing ISO 9000 international quality management and ISO 14001 international environmental management, Changchun has carried out a series of workflow improvements and planned a more reasonable and efficient system for Changchun.

Environmental protection and social responsibility
Changchun adheres to the principle that "the environment is the most precious asset of mankind, and environmental protection is our responsibility", and has introduced the world's most advanced technology and equipment to improve the efficacy of wastewater treatment in each plant, becoming one of the models in the industry.

In addition to wastewater treatment, Changchun's factories have been properly planned for environmental protection in accordance with the characteristics of raw materials, products and processes. The company has also invested a lot of resources in developing and developing

Changchun has also invested a lot of resources in developing various product waste recycling processes to assist customers in treating the waste generated by their processes and recycling the waste, which not only reduces the emission of pollution from customers, but also enables the recycling of resources. In recent years, we have also developed a new process to produce acetic acid using carbon dioxide as raw material, which is also a contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Respecting life and promoting industrial safety
From the top management to the executive level, Changchun is working together to promote safety and health throughout the company in order to pursue the highest level of safety.

Due to the importance of safety, Changchun invests heavily in the maintenance of safety, evaluating the construction of plants, designing manufacturing processes, deploying various hardware and software, and formulating various safety rules and emergency response plans in order to create a "safe, healthy, and environmentally sound work environment.

Therefore, Changchun not only sets up written procedures and regulations to ensure safety at all stages of plant design, equipment and raw material procurement, manufacturing process, storage, transportation, and sales and marketing, but also organizes various public safety training meetings and top management visits each plant to ensure that safety concepts are deeply rooted in everyone's mind. We integrate the details of industrial safety into our daily work.

Towards Sustainable Management
Changchun has rich corporate resources and continues to innovate technology with the spirit of hard work and practicality. We have made "environmental sustainability" one of our primary goals.

After more than a century of experience, Changchun has been working as a team and has been working diligently to uphold the sustainable management philosophy of "integrity, customer first, and innovation", hoping to bring the best quality products and services to all customers and to contribute to the development of the industry and the living environment for future generations.

(Brief description from Changchun's official website)
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