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TPAE / Pebax

Product Description:
Arkema Pebax® elastomers are block copolymers composed of rigid polyamide blocks and soft polyether blocks. By controlling these blocks and their relative ratios, a wide range of stiffness can be varied, from very stiff and rigid to very soft and flexible, without the need for plasticizers. These unique polymers maintain the high combination of toughness traditionally associated with polyamides and the flexibility/elasticity commonly found in polyether/polyester.

Pebax® elastomers are among the highest-performing elastomers in the world.

They are manufactured by Arkema in France and the United States. The Pebax® Rnew® range is partially bio-based (renewable).
Due to the versatility of Pebax® elastomers, new applications utilizing this polymer in motion are created every year. Across the entire range from soft/flexible to hard/rigid grades, Pebax® polymers exhibit a wide range of beneficial properties.

  • Extremely Lightweight
Pebax® resins are extremely light, typically more than 20% lighter than comparable polymers.
  • Energy feedback
Pebax® polymers provide extremely effective energy feedback even during repeated bending cycles. This very low hysteresis level means that the energy invested in polymer bending (i.e., the athlete's pace) is highly rewarded during the rebound process. Relatively speaking, Pebax® elastomers also have a much lower energy loss factor (ELF) than materials such as TPU.
  • Very high elasticity
  • High weather resistance
Due to the low glass transition temperature of the polyether phase, the energy loss factor of Pebax® resins remains low, even in sub-zero environments. This allows Pebax® elastomers to retain their elasticity, with virtually no increase in elastic modulus at low temperatures compared to other materials, which can become cold stiffened or even brittle and prone to cracking. Pebax® polymers also have an incredibly strong resistance to cold shock
  • High dimensional stability
  • Wide range of applications
The wide range of hardness and elasticity values of the Pebax® family provides freedom in designing parts. It is also possible to stack hard and soft Pebax® grades on top of each other, or even with other materials such as PA11, PA12 and TPU, for an effective combination of properties.

Processing conditions:
  • Drying temperature: 55°C ~ 80°C, 4 ~ 8 hours
  • Injection temperature: 230°C ~ 290°C

Main Specifications:

Three types of SA, SP, SD are available for each specification. Some specifications are available in medical grade
SA: Food grade
SP: High temperature and UV resistant
SD: High temperature resistant, UV resistant and contains release agent

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Grades Properties Applications
2533 Shore hardness: 25D Engineered injection parts with controlled volatile molecules
3533 Shore hardness: 35D Engineering injection parts, high performance power belts, silent gears, toy parts
4033 Shore hardness: 40D Engineered injection parts, high performance power belts, silent gears, PA6 film modifiers
5533 Shore hardness: 55D Sports shoes, ski shoes, high-performance conveyor belt
6333 Shore hardness: 58D Sports shoes components, ski boots
7033 Shore hardness: 61D Sports shoe components, ski shoes, tennis racket bumpers, zipper fasteners
7233 Shore hardness: 61D Sports shoe components, ski shoes, zipper fasteners, hooks and loops


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