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Product Description:

As a complement to its world-renowned Rilsan® polyamide 11 polymer, Arkema is also a leading producer of polyamide 12 polymer, sold under the Rilsamid® name. Rilsamid® PA12 polymer is well known for the following performance properties.

Rilsamid® polymers are available worldwide in a variety of natural, colored, filled, plasticized or enhanced compounds.
  • Easy to process in standard equipment (extrusion, injection molding, etc.).
  • Very light - helps improve fuel economy in cars, trucks, and aircraft; lighter weight also translates into lower usage rates and volume cost savings
  • Excellent noise suppression, eliminating vibration
  • Very good chemical resistance
  • Low water absorption - much better dimensional stability than lower grade polyamides (e.g. PA6 or PA66)
  • Outstanding impact properties1 and flexibility - especially at lower temperatures
  • Outstanding wear resistance2
  • Great resistance to stress cracking
       1,2 Rilsan® PA11 polymers typically exhibit better impact and abrasion resistance

Processing conditions:
  • Drying temperature: 80°C, 4 - 8 hours
  • Melting point temperature (min/recommended/max): 240°C / 250°C / 260°C

Main Specifications:

                                                      ※Note:Please fill out the form or contact us directly for quotation, MOQ, L/T and other technical information.
Grades Properties
AECNO TL This grade is designed for cable coating
AESNO 14 TL This grade is designed for press-out, specifically for applications where transparency is required
AMNO TLD Specialized Gate Injection Specifications
AZM 30 O TLD It is a glass fiber reinforced polyamide. This natural grade is designed for injection.
This grade is also available in green (Rilsamid® AZM 30 Green 56827 TLD resin) and grey (Rilsamid® AZM 30 Grey 632 TLD resin).
ASR 13 Rilsamid® ASR 13 resin is a carbon fiber reinforced polyamide. This black grade is designed for injection


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