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TPU / Utechllan

  • Durable: Excellent abrasion resistance, and resistant to oils and solvents.
  • Flexibility: Maintains good functionality over a wide temperature range.
  • Versatile: Available in different hardness, strength, stiffness, elasticity and cold bending properties.
  • Soft by nature: No plasticizers

Processing conditions:
  • Drying temperature (depending on specifications and hardness):
       90°C ~ 110°C; drying time 3 ~ 5 hours.
  • Injection temperature (depending on specification and hardness):
       170°C ~ 225°C

Main Specifications: 

                                                     ※Note:Please fill out the form or contact us directly for quotation, MOQ, L/T and other technical information.
                U-85A                                 Shore hardness:
87A ± 2A                
                                1. Shoe outsoles: golf shoes, soccer shoes, bicycle shoes and other soles
2. shoe accessories: fork, logo, side piece, balance piece, inline shoe shell, buckle strap, golf shoe studs, sky leather
3. Machinery parts: gears, oil seals, dustproof sleeves, wheels, anti-vibration parts, escalator wheels
4. film: air bed, key film, synthetic leather, protective clothing, garden hose, air pressure hose, fuel hose, fire hose
5. Others: watch strap, animal ear test piece, breathing tube for diving, suitcase handle, zipper head, sieve, wire and cable


                U-90A                                 Shore hardness:
90A ± 2A                
                U-98A                                 Shore hardness:
57D ± 2D                
                UH-60D                                 Shore hardness:
62D ± 2D                
                UH-64D                                 Shore hardness:
66D ± 2D                
                UH-71D                                 Shore hardness:
71D ± 2D                
                UF-85A                                 Shore hardness:
88A ± 2A                
                UF-95A                                 Shore hardness:
95A ± 2A                
                UF-64D                                 Shore hardness:
66D ± 2D                
                Hydrolysis and
                U-75AP                                 Shore hardness:
78A ± 2A                
                U-80AP                                 Shore hardness:
83A ± 2A                
                UB-95A                                 Shore hardness:
95A ± 2A                
                UB-98A                                 Shore hardness:
53D ± 2D                
                UB-60D                                 Shore hardness:
58D ± 2D                
                Softening grade specification                                 USH-60A                                 Shore hardness:
65A ± 2A                
                USH-65A                                 Shore hardness:
69A ± 2A                
                USH-70A                                 Shore hardness:
73A ± 2A                
                Polyether type specifications                                 UE-80A                                 Shore hardness:
80A ± 2A                
                UE-90A                                 Shore hardness:
90A ± 2A                
                Ultra Transparent Specification                                 UTX-95A                                 Shore hardness:
63D ± 2A                
                UTX-60D                                 Shore hardness:
60D ± 2D                
                UTX-66D                                 Shore hardness:
68D ± 2D                
                UTX-71D                                 Shore hardness:
71D ± 2D                
                Ultra-transparent & excellent moldability specifications                                 UTC-85A                                 Shore hardness:
87A ± 2A                
                UTC-95A                                 Shore hardness:
95A ± 2A                
                UTC-98A                                 Shore hardness:
56D ± 2D                
                UTC-64D                                 Shore hardness:
66D ± 2D                
                Excellent transparency
and moldability                
                UT1C-90A                                 Shore hardness:
92A ± 2A                
                UT1C-95A                                 Shore hardness:
95A ± 2A                
                Transparency & Cold
Resistance Specifications                
                UT5C-95AU                                 Shore hardness:
95A ± 2A                
                UT5C-64DU                                 Shore hardness:
66D ± 2D                
                Economical transparent
                UT-85A                                 Shore hardness:
87A ± 2A                
                UT-90A                                 Shore hardness:
92A ± 2A                
                UT-95A                 Shore hardness:
95A ± 2A                
Blow-out molding specifications UT1-90A Shore hardness:
90A ± 2A
UT1-95A Shore hardness:
95A ± 2A
T-Die & Film Specifications UT7-83A Shore hardness:
84A ± 2A
UT7-85A Shore hardness:
88A ± 2A
UT7-90A Shore hardness:
92A ± 2A
UT7-95A Shore hardness:
95A ± 2A

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